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RSS Feeds have been with us for years but rarely discussed. In simple terms an RSS Feed tells you when changes have been made to pages on a website.
Many sites ask you to join their mailing list, an RSS Feed combined with an RSS Reader does the same job but without you having to give the website your contact

If you are new to RSS there are many ways that you can access an RSS Feed including your favourite web browser but the most rewarding experience is available by using the world's leading reader - Feedreader - our tutorial will take you through the process set-by-step.

Once you’ve set up Feedreader on your computer you can import RSS Feeds from as many sites as you want to follow and each time a website makes a change Feedreader will send a notification and a pop-up will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen telling you which site has updated. You can then open
Feedreader, click on the link and Feedreader will open the page in your favourite browser.


To get notifications on changes to this website simply copy and paste this URL into your RSS Feed Reader:


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